All Sizes with Dairy Wizards
Make Dairy Products Easily..

Industrial Production with Dairy Wizard

According to the type and amount of cheese-yogurt-butter you will make
The most suitable solution for your production is offered by our experts.


Industrial Production Sets

10,000 L / 100,000 L DAILY MILK


STEP 1: Choose the Dairy Wizard that best suits your capacity and budget,
STEP 2: Start production immediately by adding the product lines you want to produce…

Making Dairy Products is a difficult job,
Unless of course you have a Dairy Wizard 4.0!

  • Dairy wizard “Smart Control System”
  • Milk intake, pre-processing and product process integration
  • Creating product process recipes
  • End of day product exit information entry
  • Process operations recording and monitoring
  • Processing the inputs and creating the HACCP document
  • Daily production reports
  • Remote monitoring

Fark Process Completed Projects

As Fark Process brand, our aim is; To provide products and services that will improve the efficiency and quality of industrial facilities in the processing of liquid foods, especially milk and dairy products,


Fark Process is a liquid food processing systems project design-manufacturing and sales company, which was established after more than 10 years of experience in food processes and machinery manufacturing, together with its expert professional staff, to serve the food industry, especially the dairy industry, in the field of process technologies. Our company approaches the sector with the perspective of process engineering and realizes your projects in the most economical way with its domestic and foreign company collaborations, the project infrastructure that increases the efficiency and quality of the products and its experienced assembly team.

Dairy Wizard FAQs
I don’t know how to use Dairy Wizard. How to install and use?

Dairy Wizard is completely user friendly. It has been designed for you to easily perform the necessary and mandatory processes for the production of dairy products. It is very easy to use and Fark Process provides support with video tutorials.

Water and electricity connections are enough for installation.

I don’t know anything about milk processing, do you provide training?

We are with you with our free training from the installation of the Dairy Wizard to the production of the products.

You will easily make your dairy products with face-to-face or online trainings that we provide.

Can I make only one product with Dairy Wizard?

You can think Dairy Wizard as a boutique factory that does all the basic operations for the production of Dairy products. Dairy Wizard is like the heart of the production.
You can make all DAIRY PRODUCTS quickly and easily with auxiliary sets according to the product you want to make.

Can I make products that we produce with traditional methods in this machine?

Dairy Wizard is a product of modern technology that preserves centruies-old traditions.
Preserves and improves the flavors of dairy products from past to present.
By converting traditional recipes into your new recipes, you can produce them much more easily in a standard and hygienic way.

What is the price of the Dairy Wizard?

Dairy Wizard prices are vary according to the auxiliary equipment and capacity. We offer a solution for every budget with the Dairy Wizard Start-Up Series.
We offer you high level comfort at an affordable price with Dairy Wizard Master Series.
Please contact us for more information.

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